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Welcome to Yar-Lot.ru - online stores in Russia
     Yar-Lot is an aggregator of goods and services in which you can place your goods and services for free, and you can also create your own website for free - an online store. It is easy to create a convenient website for an online store, buy or sell goods and services.
Yar-Lot.ru - a service where there are all products / services with the most detailed catalog of goods.
The store on Yar-Lot allows you to use advertisements for new orders, create your own website with a unique website address or on a separate pallet with a unique address and design.
Buyers receive a wide range of convenient functions and advantages: a variety of goods and services in one place, as well as on the portal, many firms are concentrated that can compare, choose, place orders at any time of the day, on weekends. Using the service allows numerous users - entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities - to create their own online representations that work as full-fledged online stores. The design, level of nesting of catalogs and ways of presenting goods is entirely up to you. For new users, there is a test mode in which everyone can evaluate the functionality of the portal.
The seller can receive information about purchase applications via SMS alerts online, which allows you to quickly respond to customer requests and, accordingly, process the order on time.
In addition, participants and participants receive their own domain name, which is completely unique and is the name of the portal subdomain. Yar-Lot.ru
欢迎来到Yar-Lot.ru  - 在俄罗斯的网上商店
Yar-Lot是商品和服务的聚合商,您可以免费提供商品和服务,还可以免费创建自己的网站 - 在线商店。可以轻松地为在线商店创建便利的网站,购买或出售商品和服务。
Yar-Lot.ru  - 一项服务,其中包含所有产品/服务以及最详细的商品目录。
买家可以获得广泛的便利功能和优势:在一个地方以及门户网站上提供各种商品和服务,许多公司都集中在一天中的任何时间,周末可以比较,选择,下订单。使用该服务允许众多用户 - 企业家,个人和法人实体 - 创建自己的在线表示,作为完整的在线商店。目录的设计,嵌套水平和展示商品的方式完全取决于您。对于新用户,有一种测试模式,每个人都可以评估门户的功能。
此外,参与者和参与者都会收到自己的域名,这是完全唯一的,并且是门户子域名。 Yar-Lot.ru